❧ Festival Pallivetta ❧

Pallivetta or the hunting expedition of the Lord takes place on the midnight of 9th day of the Avittom thirunal mahotsavam (annual temple festival). It is a thantric ritual (besides the normal daily worship rituals to propitiate the deities) - to increase the glory and power of the deities and sometimes in atonement for any act that might have decreased the power of the deity. This hunt is symbolic of the destruction of Kama (desire), Krodha (anger) and other such evils that plague us in our life
Crowds of devotees follow the deity and is taken in a colourful procession from the temple and displayed in another location which is not in the temple precincts. During the Pallivetta the man dressed as a hunter shoots a tender coconut using a bow and arrow. This ritual is symbolic of the Lord hunting down the demon of evil in a forest. Once the rituals are over, it is returned to its place in the temple.

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