❧ Vinayaka Chathurthy ❧

Vinayaka chathurthi , Lord Ganesha's birthday of Malayalam month Chingam, Vidyarambham, where children are formally introduced to learning of music, dance, languages and other folk arts of Malayalam month Kanni, Aaayilliya puja, the Serpent-worship of Malayalam month Thulam, 41 day long mandala chirappu, the celebration for the Shastha begins on the first of Vrischikam. Mandalachirappu falls on the 41st day. 41 vilakku of Malayalam month Dhanu are other special auspicious days of the temple. Sarvavigna Nivarana Puja conducted in first Sunday of every month is one of the most important puja of this temple. Devotees from far and wide reach the temple to participate in these pujas and offer their prayers to ward off the vignas (hindrances) in their life.

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